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100% Native Salesforce Data Upload App

Ever wondered how secure is your sensitive Salesforce Organization data when treated for processing outside of your Salesforce instance to some third-party server? All you wanted to do was just import data into Salesforce Standard/Custom objects, as simple as that!

Now no need to pump your data outside salesforce for processing. We’ve built a 100% Salesforce platform native application, fully GDR Compliant, that would help you to upload any spreadsheet (CSV/Excel) file for Windows or Mac in any of the Salesforce Standard/Custom objects. Yes, you sure have standard offering by salesforce in form of Data Import wizard but with its limited choice of standard object and missing crucial features like delete operation, rollbacks, scheduling, and many more; it is not always the best choice for everyone.

Our Data Upload application is a Salesforce app that we’ve created for Admin and Non-Admin users to perform operations like insert, update, upsert and delete records in Salesforce standard or custom objects using any CSV/Excel files on their computer. The cool thing is that the users do not need to have ‘API Enabled’ or ‘Modify All Data’ permissions on their profile which are some of the most powerful permission which you probably don’t want to give to all of you Salesforce licensed users as it opens the door to interact with any external APIs. Since our app does not use any APIs, it does not require the user to be an ‘API Enabled’ user. In addition to that, you would also save your daily quota of API usage.

Salesforce Data Upload
Salesforce Data Upload App By OQCT.com

Giving Non-Admin users the capability to push Data in your Salesforce objects distributes the workload and keeping your Admin available for other important tasks. Besides, System Admin still controls who can access the app and what operations & features they can use within the app, things like, which objects users can upload into, whether users can delete records, whether users can delete report files, whether users can schedule any uploads and much more. Users can download success and error reports for the uploads that they’ve done. Furthermore, the app provides detailed auditing about any operation performed using the app and admins can also roll back any of the user’s action in case of an accident.

Getting started with the application is an absolute breeze. With straight forward Configuration and step-by-step easy to use User Interface the app makes even the Non-technical Administrators feel like a maestro.

Packed with dozens of features like file preview with Salesforce (*limited), auto field mapping, resuming an incomplete operation, rollbacking a process, downloading success and error logs, controlling user permissions for the app, scheduling an upload process, email alerts for process results, backup or any other file naming prefix configuration, bundles files in appropriate folders, one-click cleanup of old backup or any other old reports, multiple file insert, large file size handling, auditing, monitoring and reporting and much more. This app provides everything that you can expect from any of the Data Management tools yet being completely native to Salesforce and utilizing the platform potential to the fullest.

With some of the most powerful file processing algorithm available in the tech industry, we process your file promptly yet keeping your security intact. All your org’s data whether it’s in form of backups or configurations are saved in your own org’s instance respecting all layers of security including object level, field level and record level. This means you can have your peace of mind and not become a bag of nerves.

Hence, when it comes to a purely native Salesforce platform solution for uploading Data into Salesforce, the Data Upload App is the best App you can choose.

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