Secure Your Valuable Sandbox Data With Mask Sensitive Data App For Salesforce

Salesforce is a vast platform with an array of tools and features, each dedicated to performing specific tasks. Data takes the center stage in performing every activity within the CRM platform.

Your Salesforce instance is full of sensitive information that is valuable to you and your team, whether it is the details about your products, your team, or the customers you cater to.

Owing to the importance and sensitivity of your Salesforce data, you cannot afford to lose it while operating on the platform. These data sets form the base of all your business processes and need to be protected at all costs.

Looking at this, OQCT has developed an application to mask your valuable Salesforce data by replacing it with dummy data, called the Mask Sensitive Data app. This app is applicable to masking the data present in your Salesforce Sandbox, making sure that the information from your production environment is not vulnerable when it is used in Sandboxes.

Let’s late a quick detour and understand what a Salesforce Sandbox is before going ahead with the specifications of the Mask Sensitive Data app.

What Is A Salesforce Sandbox?

In simple words, Salesforce Sandbox is a copy of your original production environment where all the processes are carried out. These copies help you in trying out new ideas and conducting important tests without affecting the status of your production environment.

A Salesforce Sandbox is generally used for testing and training processes. You can test new processes by making changes in your Salesforce objects, fields, page layouts, workflow processes, and all other components of your Salesforce org.

Also, Sandboxes can be used for training new employees on how the production environment functions and the changes to be made in the same for carrying out different processes.

A Salesforce Sandbox allows all these changes to be made into the copied platform without affecting the working of the original production environment.

What Is The Mask Sensitive Data App?

As discussed above, a Salesforce Sandbox allows you to conduct tests within a copy of the production environment without affecting its functioning. However, the data present in the original production environment is not always meant to be shared with everyone.

In most cases, Salesforce data is highly sensitive to the organization and is not supposed to be shared without prior user permissions. Now, if you have created a Sandbox for testing purposes, not everyone using the Sandbox is supposed to have an access to this sensitive data.

The Mask Sensitive App, as the name suggests, is one of the preferred GDPR compliant apps developed to help you mask your data Salesforce data as it is transferred into a Sandbox.

Whether it is Personally Identifiable Information (PII), personal customer data, or sensitive information about the company, the app helps you in masking data fields and replacing them, with anonymous and dummy data fields.

Salesforce Data Mask
Salesforce Data Mask

The Need For The Mask Sensitive Data App

The security of your data is extremely important. There are chances of your data not getting treated well when it gets clones from the production environment to the Sandbox. This increases the risk of unauthorized access and data leak, which may have lasting implications for your organization.

You need an app like Mask Sensitive data for hiding the data from the developers, contractors, freshers, or any other team member who wouldn’t have the access to the concerned data in the production environment.

If open access to data is given to everyone using the Sandbox, there are chances of your production controls being dodged and the security of your entire Salesforce instance being jeopardized.

Also, when it comes to making security checks and monitoring data leaks, more importance is given to the data stored within your original production environment. The data stored in your Sandbox is often given a pass and is not taken too seriously.

In such a situation, the Mask Sensitive Data app helps you in keeping all your valuable information private without affecting the testing processes conducted within the Sandbox.

OQCT has made sure that the application is compliant with the laws of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and the European Union to ensure the ethical and holistic security of your data.

How Does It Work?

The Mask Sensitive Data app replaces the production environment data with a dummy and unrecognizable data to maintain its security. It helps you in masking Salesforce objects and fields to withhold every detail that you are not willing to share.

The application gives a lot of power to the users in making decisions pertaining to data masking. It provides you with various customization options that allow you to control the length and pattern types for masking specific data types.

Mask Sensitive Data helps you in setting up specific patterns by using a custom data types formula, making the masking process easier and faster. Also, it helps you in configuring specific data types getting cloned into the Sandbox.

It is important to note that the masking of your data using the app is irreversible. Once the dummy data is generated, you will not be able to retrieve the original information as stored within the production environment.

However, if you are willing to make changes in the process, you can always refresh the Sandbox and clone your data again according to your convenience.

Salesforce Data Mask App
Salesforce Data Security App

A Native Salesforce App

One of the major issues faced by Salesforce users is that of risking the safety of their data by sending it to third-party platforms for getting processed. OQCT solves this problem by making the Mask Sensitive Data app work natively within your Salesforce instance.

This is what makes it one of the best Salesforce data security apps for a Salesforce org. As all the processes are carried out within your system, you can rest assured that there will be no risk of data leak or unauthorized access to using this application.

Audit The Process

Along with masking your Salesforce data, the Mask Sensitive Data app helps you in keeping complete track of the process and provides you with an audit report whenever required.

At the click of a button, you can receive detailed reports pertaining to the data masking processes that are ongoing, completed, and canceled. Also, the audit report provides you with the errors that occurred during the processes, the data sets that could not be masked, the ids of the records that failed, and all other relevant information that helps you in correcting the process.

Email Notifications

With the Mask Sensitive Data app, there is no need to keep checking the status of the data masking process. You get real-time notification alerts about the process and a summary of the same.

Deleting Field History

The application makes sure that there is no trail of the data cloned and transferred to the Sandbox from the original production environment. This is done by deleting the field history of the data types as they are masked with dummy data.

Contemporaries In The Marketplace

The only major contemporary of the Mask Sensitive Data app is Salesforce Data Mask. It is a platform owned by Salesforce for masking valuable data as it is cloned from the production environment to the Salesforce Sandbox.

The platform allows you to mask all or a part of your Salesforce data based on its sensitivity. It is applicable for Partial and Full Sandboxes.

However, getting Salesforce Data Mask for your instance is likely to get expensive for your organization. This is because Salesforce charges a 10% license fee on an annual basis on purchasing the product.

On the other hand, the Mask Sensitive Data app is a more cost-friendly option with its monthly plans and lower prices for each of the editions. So, if you are willing to avail of quality data masking services at affordable rates, Mask Sensitive Data is the option to go for.

How Much Does Mask Sensitive Data Cost?

The cost of the app depends on your specific requirements and the size of your business. There are three major price ranges that you can choose from – Non Profit, Small Business, and Mid/Large Business.

Non-profit (£500 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is the most fundamental price of the app ideal for non-profit organizations where the transactions are simpler and require basic support. The price covers unlimited users.

Small Business (£700 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is a more advanced price of the application suitable for smaller businesses (having staff under 100) requiring basic support and carrying out a decent amount of processes on a daily basis. The price covers unlimited users.

Mid/Large Business (£1,000 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is the most advanced price of the application developed for medium and large enterprises (having staff more than 100) that require premium support and undertake complicated processes on a regular basis. The price covers unlimited users, too.

The security of your data assumes utmost priority and Salesforce Admins should make sure that their Salesforce instance is free from all security threats. The Mask Sensitive Data helps you keep your valuable data safe, ensuring that your business process continues without any hassle.

How to buy Salesforce Sandbox “Mask Sensitive Data” App, go to and contact Sales Team, and they will help you with everything.

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