Discover Salesforce Data Clean App!

Data Clean lets to comply with your Data Privacy (GDPR, CCPA, etc) by masking/archiving/deleting customer data that you don't need.

Best 2021 Salesforce Data Clean App!


Check below the most advanced features

Comply with GDPR and CCPA
Manage Business Data properly!
Mask Production Data
Mask your Customer Data on Production & Sandbox!
Mask/Delete/Clone/Archive based on criteria
Take Action based on Business Logic !
Cleaning unwanted Data
Clean your Salesforce! Keep only what you need!
Clone Production Data
Clone Your Production Data & Sandbox Data!
Rollback Mask Data
Roll Back Data Change !
Automate Process
Audit (Error, Success, Next Action Details)
Designed for Non-Technical user
Native Salesforce platform
Free Setup
On going maintenance
For Small - Medium business

£200/per month * unlimited users

1 Production ORG (Unlimited Sandbox)

Pay monthly or
Pay annually
Free Updates
Product Support
Why spend money on development ?

Powerfull Data Clean App

Why Spend money on App Development or Solution build ? when you can get a app for fraction of the cost ? with on going updates & support?

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