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Salesforce Data Masking App for GDPR & CCPA! (Salesforce Native App)

Mask Sensitive Data makes your test environment secure by replacing sensitive data with dummy data. Comply with Data Regulations.

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Why Mask Sensitive Data ?

Check below the most advanced features

Mask Sandbox Data
Mask Data while creating/refreshing sandbox by specifying Apex class or initiate process manually in sandbox
Mask While Creating/refreshing
Mask While Creating/Refreshing Sandbox, See Config Doc*
Mask Objects & Fields
Configure the objects and fields you want to Mask the Data.
Monitor Process
Monitor each and every detail about the on-going and completed the masking process
Choose Mask Format
Specify the format and length for masking for certain data types in Custom Metadata settings
Delete Field History
Clear all the field history information automatically after masking, leave no clue for old data!
View Detailed Results
Get detailed insights for the process results with success and error count along with error messages and ids
Mask CSV/Excel file
Mask your desktop CSV and Excel files and send it to Developer team
GDPR Compliant
CCPA Compliant
Manually Mask in Sandbox
Supports all data types
Choose Masking Patterns
Set Character length
Stop/Start/Abort process
Get a detailed report
Get Email Alerts
Protect Production data
Assign Apps Individually
Custom Formula Mask
Data Mask Large Data
Work with Profile
Fully Native App
Set Custom Domain name
Identify Masking Errors
Export Masking Error
Non-Tech Friendly

Affordable pricing for everyone

The cost of Mask Sensitive Data App depends on the size of your business.

Small Business

£100/ Per month

Normally £500

Unlimited Sandbox
Unlimited Users
Full access to all features
Premium support
Mid / Large Business

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Mid / Large Business

Unlimited Sandbox
Unlimited Users
Full access to all features
Premium support

Protect Your Salesforce with GDPR Compliance!

Comply your company Salesforce Data with GDPR Law less than two hours!
use Mask Sensitive Data for Sandbox protection
Use Data Upload to minimise Data Leak
Contact our GDPR Team