Mask Sensitive Data vs Salesforce Data Mask

Here, we will compare both the data masking platforms and understand which one works best for an organization.

What Is The Mask Sensitive Data App?

As the name suggests, the Mask Sensitive Data app is developed by OQCT for helping Salesforce users mask their Salesforce data to prevent it from being accessed by everyone.

The data masking application is developed specifically to mask all or part of your database while getting transferred to a Sandbox. Not everyone using the Sandbox is supposed to access valuable Salesforce data and Mask Sensitive Data helps users in hiding the same by replacing it with dummy and anonymous data.

With this native Salesforce application, you can mask data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), contact details about your customers, and data important for your business. It allows you to delete the field history to prevent anyone (including yourself) from tracing back to the original data.

The application takes the complete safety of your data into consideration and complies with all GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) laws.

What Is Salesforce Data Mask?

Salesforce Data Mask is a data masking tool by Salesforce. Ideal for admins and developers, the tool helps users in masking all or a part of their valuable data using dummy characters before moving it to the Sandbox.

Salesforce Data mask allows you to mask your data with random characters, similarly mapped words, and pattern-based masking.

Mask Sensitive Data vs Salesforce Data Mask

To understand which of the two Salesforce Data Masking apps are more suitable for your organization, you can compare the features provided by both the platforms by considering the following parameters:


Mask Sensitive Data

Salesforce Data Mask

User Interface

Suitable for non-technical users

Suitable for admins and developers

Choice Of Data To Be Masked



Choosing The Length Of Masked Data


Not Available

Audit Report

Detailed report available

Detailed report not available

Location For Data Configuration

Production org and Sandbox

Production org and Sandbox


Monthly pricing

Annual pricing

The user interface of Salesforce Data Mask is relatively more technical and is more suited for admins and developers having well-versed with the technical know-how of the platform.

On the other hand, the Mask Sensitive Data app is developed for users who are not too well-versed with the technicalities of Salesforce. Its user interface is kept simple and straightforward to help users mask their data with the utmost ease.

Both the platforms offer users the choice of records they are willing to mask and the ones they want to keep intact.

Choosing The Length Of Masked Data

While Salesforce Data Mask does not allow the users to control the length of the masked data, you can control the length of the masked characters for a few fields while using Masked Sensitive Data.

Also, Mask Sensitive Data allows you to keep the masked data length as the length of the original data, except for the Text-Area (Long) and Text-Area (Rich) fields.

While Salesforce Data Mask simply provides you with the success/error report about the data masked by you, you can obtain a detailed audit report while using the Mask Sensitive Data app. Here, you get details about all the records masked and the ones that were not masked (if any) due to specific reasons.

Both the data masking platforms allow users to configure the data before masking in the main production environment or in the Sandbox. The masking always takes place in the Sandbox.


The pricing of Salesforce Data Mask involves 10% of the Salesforce license cost charged on an annual basis. This might make the tool costlier and less flexible for the users.

On the other hand, the Mask Sensitive Data app charges affordable monthly rates based on the size of the business, making it a more economic option.

The Final Word

If ease of operation is your aim and you want a data masking application that ensures flexibility, keeps your data safe and is economical, you can choose the Mask Sensitive Data app for the features it provides.
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