Mask Sensitive Data vs Other Data Masking Tools

Looking at the need for Salesforce data protection, developers have built tools and applications that help users in masking their Salesforce data to prevent valuable information from being disclosed to the personnel who is not authorized to access the same.

Here, we are going to discuss one such data masking application – Mask Sensitive Data and compare it with other Salesforce data masking tools available to the users.

What Is The Mask Sensitive Data App?
As the name rightly suggests, the Mask Sensitive Data app is an application that helps users mask their Salesforce data by replacing it with dummy unrecognizable characters.

The application allows you to mask your data as it is cloned into your Salesforce Sandbox. This is to make sure that the personnel using the Sandbox do not get any access to the data pertaining to your production environment.

The aim of this application is to protect your Salesforce database and not let valuable information disclosed to everyone. This data may include personally identifiable information (PII), contact details of clients, and key information about the company.

Through the Mask Sensitive Data app, you can mask all or a specific portion of your data as it is copied to the Sandbox.

Key Features Of Mask Sensitive Data

  • The app provides an easy user interface for efficient masking
  • It allows masking of 20 million records
  • It allows you to control the masking pattern according to your choice
  • It facilitates configuration in the production org and Sandbox
  • It allows you to delete field history to make tracing impossible
  • The app supports all data types
  • It provides you with a detailed audit report once masking is completed
  • Users are notified of the progress via email alerts

Mask Sensitive Data vs Other Data Masking Tools
If you are willing to mask your Salesforce data, you will find tools developed for doing the same created by an array of developers. Salesforce itself has a masking tool called Salesforce Data Mask that helps users in masking their data in a Sandbox environment.

However, it is important to choose the right tool that suits the specific needs of your organization.

To understand the difference between the Mask Sensitive Data app and other data masking tools, let us look at a few major parameters as discussed below:

Native Application
No matter how secure a platform claims to be, there is always some risk associated with using a third-party platform or server for masking your Salesforce data. This is because the Salesforce user does not have control over the functioning of the said platform and there is no surety of data security.

However, the Mask Sensitive Data app is built natively on Salesforce. This makes the app a part of your Salesforce instance and assures you about the safety of your data.

Apart from being a native Salesforce application, Mask Sensitive Data complies with the laws of GDPR and CCPA.

Simplified User Interface
Most data masking platforms (including Salesforce Data Mask) are suited for Salesforce users who are technically sound and are well-versed with the technical details of the platform.

However, the Mask Sensitive Data app is built with an interface that is suited for both technical and non-technical users. Also, the Data Mask Generator tab simply allows you to enter any text that can be replaced with a dummy text with a single click.

This makes it very easy for people not having a technical understanding to use the application effectively.

Detailed Audit Report
While other data masking platforms provide you with a mere success/error report once the masking is completed, the Mask Sensitive Data app gives you a detailed audit report on getting your data masked.

The application provides you with details about the records that were failed to be masked, the IDs of the failed records, and all other information relevant to the masking process.

Control Over Masking
As opposed to other data masking tools, Mask Sensitive Data gives you significant control over the dummy characters used for masking all or part of your data.

The application allows you to control the masking character types and the length for certain specific fields according to your convenience. This makes your testing process on Sandbox easier and faster.

The Final Word
If you are looking forward to masking your valuable Salesforce data in a simple, straightforward, and flexible way, the Mask Sensitive Data app is easily the best alternative to go with over other data masking tools.

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