Hide Your Valuable Salesforce Data For Utmost Security Using The Mask Sensitive Data App

Salesforce deals with data that is sensitive and valuable to a business enterprise. As you implement Salesforce in your organization, you would never want your data to be lost or used by unauthorized personnel owing to the risk of safety threats.  

One of the most common ways of your data security being jeopardized is while copying it to a Salesforce Sandbox. Sandboxes are the copies of your main production org used commonly for training and testing processes. 

A Salesforce Sandbox is used for carrying out specific processes using the data copied from the production org without affecting the data residing in the production org.  

However, not everyone using the Sandboxes is supposed to have access to all Salesforce data present in the production org. This increases the chances of a security breach, putting the security of your data at stake.  

This is exactly the problem solved by OQCT by developing the Mask Sensitive Data app for Salesforce.  

What Is The Mask Sensitive Data App? 

As the name suggests, the Mask Sensitive Data app is an application that helps Salesforce users in hiding their Salesforce data by masking them with dummy data while transferring it into a Sandbox.  

The key purpose of this application is Salesforce data masking in Sandbox. It aims at helping you keep your data safe by not letting the personnel using Salesforce Sandbox have access to the valuable data present in your main production environment.  


The Salesforce data masking app is developed only for masking data in Sandboxes and cannot be used anywhere else and for other purposes. To ensure the complete safety of your data, the application complies with the GDPR and CCPA laws for data protection and regulation.  

Also, the Salesforce data masking app helps you speed up the process of testing in Sandboxes before you go live with the concerning changes in your main production org. 

Problems Solved By The Mask Sensitive Data App 

The Salesforce data masking app by OQCT helps Salesforce users in solving the following major problems: 

Insufficient Sandbox Security Checkups 

When it comes to ensuring the security of Salesforce data, the data belonging to the main production org is always given utmost priority and all security measures are applied to make sure that this data is safe.  

On the other hand, the security of Sandboxes is often ignored because the data is used for testing and training purposes. As the security checkups here are not so stringent, it leaves the scope for foul play where the cloned data can be accessed in an unethical way.  

The Mask Sensitive Data app replaces all or part of your data (according to your needs) with dummy data that cannot be recognized by anyone operating the Sandboxes. This solves the Sandbox data security problem to a good extent.  

Internal Threat 

Salesforce data breaches from within the organization are not a occurrences. If everyone using the Sandbox is given access to use and work on valuable details pertaining to the company, customers, and the partners, there is always a risk of unauthorized access and data leak. 

The Mask Sensitive Data app helps Salesforce users in keeping the private data private by hiding it in the guide of dummy data. Once the data is masked and transferred to the Sandbox, it is impossible for anyone to retrieve the original information.  

Threat From External Parties 

The threat to your Salesforce data is not limited to your internal team. Many enterprises have external entities and third parties indulging in carrying out different activities using Salesforce Sandbox.  

No matter how trustworthy an individual is, it is never safe to make sensitive data available to external parties. The Salesforce data masking app shields your important data so that you can rest assured about its safety when a third-party gets involved in your business.  

Choose The Data To Be Masked 

The Mask Sensitive Data app allows you to choose the data that you want to mask. It provides you with a choice of masking all the data being transferred to the Sandbox or keeping a few of the objects and records as they are. 

Also, the application provides you with custom metadata types that can be used to set up objects and fields that you need to mask and configure the same according to your needs.  

Masking In Sandbox And Production Org 

The Salesforce data masking app allows you to mask your data after it has been transferred to the Sandbox or while it is still in the production org. 

However, it is always advisable to mask the data while it is still in the main production org because the data of your Sandbox will automatically get refreshed after a few days and you will have to go through the entire masking process again.  

Deleting Field History 

This is an important security measure offered by the application to keep your data safe from being traced. It provides you with the option of deleting the field history of all or part of your data being cloned into the Sandbox and masked with dummy data.  

As your data gets masked and its field history gets deleted, there is no way in which anyone (including yourself) can retrieve the original data. 

All Data Types Supported 

This Salesforce data masking app is built to help you mask all possible data types from your production org as you move them into a Sandbox. It ensures that you are able to hide all sensitive information about the contact details of your clients, data about your company, details about your team, and all relevant information that is not to be shared with everyone.  

Control Over Masking Pattern 

Apart from helping you mask your data, the Mask Sensitive Data app provides you with control over choosing the masking pattern for your data. It allows you to control the length and type of dummy data to be used for certain fields for the masked data according to your convenience. 

The app allows you to control the masking character types for fields like Text, Text-Area, Text-Area (Long), Text-Area (Rich), and Text (Encrypted) to alphabets (lower case, upper case, or both). 

Except for the field types of Text-Area (long) and Text-Area (Rich), you can choose to keep the length of the masked/dummy data the same as the original length.  

How To Configure Your Metadata Before Masking? 

It is important to configure your metadata before you go ahead with its masking in the Sandbox. 

Here are the simple steps you can follow for configuring your Salesforce metadata in the Mask Sensitive Data app: 

1. Go to Salesforce Apps, search for, and open the Mask Sensitive Data app. 

2. Click on the option of “Masking Settings”. 

3. Click on “Create/Edit Config” 

4. Click on “New” to add records in “Mask Sensitive Data Objects”. 

5. Enter the following details: 

  • Label: [API name of the object to be masked] 
  • Mask Sensitive Data Object Name: [Leave as default] 
  • Mask Fields (API Name): [API names of fields that need to be masked separated by commas] 
  • Fields Not To Copy (API Name): [API names of the fields that you are not willing to mask separated by commas] 
  • Enable Field Masking: [Check this option if you want to go ahead with the masking] 
  • Delete All Records From Object: [Check this option if you want to delete all the records from the concerned object] 
  • Protected: [Leave this unchecked] 

6. Click on “Save”. 

7. Your configuration is now completed. Now if you go to the application and click on the “Mask Settings”, you will be able to see the object and records configured to be masked as discussed above. 

How To Mask Your Data Manually? 

Once you are done with configuring your Salesforce metadata, you can mask your data using the application by following these simple steps: 

1. Go to your Salesforce App Menu, search for and open the Mask Sensitive Data app. 

2.  As you have already configured the metadata on the app, all you need to do is click on “Start” to begin the data masking process.  

3. Once the masking process is completed, you will receive an email about the same, showing you the success or error report. 

4. You can view and track the status of your masking process by clicking on “Report”.  


Simple And Native Salesforce Application 

The Mask Sensitive Data app is built as a native Salesforce application for the maximum safety of your data. With this application, you can have all the processes carried out in your Salesforce instance without having to use a third-party platform or server.  

It is the simple and straightforward interface of this application that makes it an ideal choice for Salesforce users over the Salesforce Data Mask tool.  

While the latter is a more complicated data masking tool that may be a little difficult for users to understand, the Mask Sensitive Data app works effectively in providing utmost ease of operation to every user. 

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