Get The Ease Of Uploading And Processing Salesforce Data With The Data Upload App

Salesforce is all about data. All your processes start and end with effective management of data.

The CRM platform helps you in recording, tracking, and analyzing your valuable database that can be used for carrying out a variety of business processes. In simple words, Salesforce helps you cater to your customers/clients in a personalized and automated manner.

However, you cannot risk the security of the data entered and processed within Salesforce. It is of utmost importance to make sure that every single set of data is thoroughly protected against any unauthorized access, data leak, or loss.

This makes it risky for Salesforce users to get their data processed by a third-party server. Even if you are willing to simply import data into your Salesforce objects, there is no guarantee of absolute safety when it comes to using external data processing servers.

If you are facing a similar dilemma and want to make your data upload and processing completely secure, the Data Upload app will help you sail through safely!

What Is The Data Upload App?

The key feature and function of Data Upload lie in the name itself! It is a Salesforce app developed by OQCT ( for uploading data into your Salesforce instance and processing the same.

One of the biggest pros of Data Upload is the fact that it is a 100% native Salesforce application. It makes sure that you no longer resort to using external platforms for processing your valuable and all processes are carried out within your Salesforce instance with ease and effectiveness.

Complete Data Safety

Owing to the importance of data safety, the Data Upload is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It makes sure that all the data you upload is guarded by multi-layered security and accessed only on specific permissions.

Data Upload ensures that all the processes carried out by the users are regulated based on the permissions granted by the Admin. This helps you in dealing with unnecessary data silos and gives uniformity in your data being managed.

Also, it goes without saying that the application makes sure that the data is used only by the members of the organization, avoiding any risk of unauthorized access and data leak.

Seamless Import

Data Upload allows you to import your data in a seamless and effective manner, allowing you to upload a variety of spreadsheet files (CSV or Excel) in any of the standard or custom Salesforce objects.

Salesforce Data Upload
Salesforce Data Upload App

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, Data Upload has got your data import sorted by facilitating the same in four simple steps:

  1. Select object and action
  2. Select the file
  3. Edit mapping
  4. Review and upload

This makes the process of bringing your data to the platform of Salesforce easier, faster, and more effective.

Additionally, Data Upload is developed with advanced file processing algorithms that help you in making sense of your data and storing it in a secure manner.

Avoiding Data Loss

One of the most prominent and frightening risks of importing and processing data is that of data loss. Data Upload understands that every single file on every single record holds special importance to the users and has provisions for keeping a full backup of your data.

All your data backups and configurations are intact within the Data Upload app by saving them in your Salesforce instance. This adds a layer of safety to your files and helps you rest assured that they are not going anywhere from your Salesforce org.

On using Data Upload, you get complete safety of your data up to the object, field, and record level.

Rollback and Delete Data

An additional feature provided by Data Upload to the users is that of rolling back and deleting your data. It is common to commit errors in uploading your files to your Salesforce database for getting processed. Data Upload helps you solve this problem by giving you the option to rollback or delete your data.

If you have made an incorrect import and want the file to transferred back to its source, the option of rollback allows you to undo any action that you have performed and restore your data as it earlier was.

On the other hand, if you want to completely remove the uploaded files from your database, Data Upload allows you to do so by providing you with the delete option.

This way, you reduce the risk involved in getting the data imported to your Salesforce org. Also, just like the process involved in importing the files, the process of rolling back and deleting your data is extremely simple and quick.

Performing Data Audit

Auditing holds special importance when it comes to data processing and management. Along with a variety of other options, Data Upload helps you in carrying out an end-to-end scan of all your Salesforce data and provide you with the smallest details pertaining to the actions performed by the users.

Additionally, the app helps you in exporting the audit system to your local system for increased safety and longevity of the information.

Flexible Upload

The Data Upload app allows you to have a keen eye on every upload you make and monitor the same. You can schedule the imports, pause them, and resume them at a later convenient time. Such ease and flexibility is bound to make the application an instant favorite.

Getting Upload Summary

The process of importing your data does not end when you have moved all your files to the respective Salesforce object(s). The Data Upload app helps you assess the entire process and provides you with a success or error report.

Whatever the outcome is, you will get a real-time report of the nature of your import(s) and the errors found (if any). Additionally, you get a detailed summary of the processes carried out by respective Salesforce users with their ids and other relevant details.

No Need For Technical Knowledge

For downloading and working on the Data Upload app, there is no need for you to be a master in technology and have detailed knowledge about the software.

The user interface is pretty basic for anyone to understand and perform a variety of processes on the application. On the brighter side, if you are a novice willing to build your career in Salesforce, repeated use of Data Upload will help you learn a lot of intricacies about the CRM platform.

Salesforce Data Upload
Salesforce Data Upload Tool

Contemporaries In The Marketplace

The major contemporary of the Data Upload app is the Data Import Wizard. It is the standard offering of Salesforce that allows you to gather data from various sources and move them onto your Salesforce database.

However, there are certain limitations of this tool that might handicap your data import. Salesforce Data Import Wizard does not allow you to perform actions like deleting, rolling back, and scheduling your import. It is similar to a one-way traffic lane from where it is almost impossible to return.

On the other hand, the Data Upload app is a freeway that allows you to rollback, schedule, delete, audit, and monitor your data imports.

How Much Does Data Upload Cost?

The cost of Salesforce Data Upload depends on the size of your business. Broadly, there are three major editions that you can choose from – Non-profit, Small Business, and Mid/Large Business.

Non-profit (£500 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is the basic price charged to organizations that do not indulge in complicated business processes and have a limited database, especially non-profit organizations. It provides basic support to unlimited users within an org.

Small Business (£700 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is a slightly higher price charged to smaller businesses (having staff under 100) with an average level of complexity and frequency of business processes.

Just like the non-profit pricing, the small business pricing is developed for unlimited users providing them with basic support.

Mid/Large Business (£1,000 per month with Unlimited Users)

This is the most advanced pricing of Salesforce Data Upload, suitable for medium to large enterprises performing an array of business processes and dealing with multiple customers. These are the businesses having staff strength of more than 100.

With unlimited customer support, this pricing provides premium support to users with a provision for unlimited users.

Similar Products By OQCT

OQCT is a hub for applications developed for your Salesforce instance. Along with the Data Upload app, you can avail of apps that help you mask sensitive Salesforce data by ensuring premium security of all your data sets.

All the apps and services provided by OQCT are centered around complete data security and providing speed, precision, and automation to your business processes.

You can rest assured that all the apps developed by the company are compatible with the GDPR laws and will not land your data into any kind of security trouble.

No matter what the size of your business is and the industry it belongs to, OQCT is a one-stop solution to serve all your specific needs.

How to buy Data Upload, to buy Data Upload, go to and contact Sales Team, and they will help you with everything.

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