Data Upload vs Salesforce Data Loader

Here, we will look into two such applications for uploading Salesforce data – Salesforce Data Upload and Salesforce Data Loader.

What Is Salesforce Data Upload?

Salesforce Data Upload is an application designed by OQCT for uploading files into the Salesforce database in a simple manner. It aims at helping Salesforce users in uploading files in specific Salesforce objects without having to rely on their Admin for carrying out the imports.

The application complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws in maintaining the security of your data. To make data management safe, the Data Upload app allows the Salesforce Admin to give specific permissions to specific Salesforce users to limit the data upload in particular Salesforce objects.

What Is Salesforce Data Loader?

Salesforce Data Loader is a tool developed by Salesforce for importing and exporting Salesforce data for your Salesforce instance. The tool helps Salesforce users in uploading CSV files into all Salesforce objects and extracting the files out of the same for carrying out different business processes.

Data Loader is developed for uploading a large number of records (50,000 to 5 million), mapping the fields manually, and exporting the needed files from the database.

The Data Upload App vs Salesforce Data Loader – Which Tool Works Better?

To understand which of the two Salesforce data uploading tools are better for Salesforce users, it is important to consider different parameters and understand the features provided by both platforms. Here is a quick comparison between the Data Upload app and Salesforce Data Loader:


Data Upload

Salesforce Data Loader

Processes Supported

Data import only

Data import and export

Data Rollback


Not available

User Interface

Simple interface for non-technical users

Interface suited for technical users and Admins

Field Mapping

Automated field mapping

Manual field mapping

Files Supported


CSV only

Data Security

Focus on data security and import

Focus only on data import

Upload Limit

50,000 records

`50,000 to 5 million records

While Salesforce Data Loader helps you in importing and exporting Salesforce data, the Data Upload app is limited to helping you import as of now. This is probably the only limitation of using the Data Upload app.

However, OQCT is planning to provide the export feature to the users soon.

This is a feature that is exclusive to Data Upload. If you have uploaded wrong or unwanted file into your database, you can simply reverse the process by using the rollback feature. This helps users in correcting their mistakes effectively and keeping their database crisp.

The user interface of the Data Upload app is kept extremely simple and easy to understand for non-technical users. The app makes uploading data as easy as uploading any file from your computer using the internet.

On the other hand, the user interface of Salesforce Data Loader is suited for more technical users and Salesforce Admins who already are already well-versed with the nitty-gritty technical details of the platform.

While Salesforce Data Upload required you to map your fields manually every time you upload files, the field mapping in Data Upload is carried out automatically on uploading files. However, you can edit the mapping as per your requirements.

While Data Loader only supports CSV files for uploading data, the Data Upload app allows you to import both CSV and XLXS (Excel) files.

The prime focus on Salesforce Data Loader is on the import and export of data. On the other hand, the Data Upload app focuses on the complete security of your data. It complies with all GDPR laws and makes it easy for the Admins to assign permissions to the users for uploading specific files to specific objects.

While Salesforce Data Loader is the right tool to use for uploading more than 50,000 records, the Data Upload app allows you to import a limited number of records in a quick and efficient manner.

The Final Word

Looking at the features of both the tools, it can be concluded that the Data Upload app is the ideal option if you want to import data into your Salesforce database in a safe and secure way. It is a simpler tool that is suited for both technical and non-technical users of the platform.