Data Upload vs Other ETL Tools

Salesforce is nothing without data. All the processes are carried out on the platform keeping your valuable data at the focus of attention. The data that you need into your Salesforce database is the soul of the platform and helps you carry out a variety of business processes.

Uploading and managing data is really important for an organization. A Salesforce user cannot afford to make mistakes in the data sets imported to the database because it would lead to a harmful domino effect of all your processes going wrong.

To avoid such errors from occurring, many ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools and applications have been developed for helping Salesforce users in entering valuable files into their database and managing them according to the specific business needs.

Here, we are going to discuss one such application called Data Upload and how it is different from other ETL tools in the same ballpark.

What Is The Data Upload App?
The Data Upload app is the application designed and developed by OQCT to help Salesforce use to import data onto their Salesforce database in an efficient, fast, and safe way.

The application aims at making the data upload process easier and simpler. With a few simple clicks, it allows you to upload specific data files (CSV and Excel files) into particular custom and standard Salesforce objects.

The application allows you to insert, update, upsert, and delete the records to manage the data in your Salesforce org. The application provides you with an additional feature of rollback that helps you in correcting all mistakes you might make while uploading your files.

Key Features Of Data Upload
Here are some of the major features of the Data Upload application that help you in importing your files:

  • It is built to suit technical and  non-technical users
  • It allows you to import up to 50,000 records at once
  • it comes with a provision for one-time upload and scheduled upload
  • You can log in using your ID and external ID
  • The app works with specific profile and app user permissions set by the Admin
  • It facilitates automated field mapping
  • It provides you with a detailed success/error report on upload
  • You can export the audit report to CSV format and download the same
  • It is compliant with all GDPR laws

How Is Data Upload Different From Other ETL Tools?
Depending on the processes to be performed and the needs of your company, different Salesforce ETL tools are developed for Salesforce users. You can either resort to manual upload or use platforms like Excel import tool,, and tools like Data Import Wizard which are developed by Salesforce itself.

However, there is a difference between these tools and the Data Upload app. We can understand this difference by looking into specific parameters as mentioned below:

The Rollback Feature
This is one feature that no other ETL tool will provide you with. As the name suggests, the rollback feature allows you to undo an upload if you commit an error while importing your data.

The rollback and delete feature help you in keeping your database organized with only the records that are needed.

Focus On Data Security
Most ETL tools are concerned with data management only. Their scope is fairly limited. On the other hand, the Data Upload app makes sure that your data completely safe, without the risk of unauthorized access, data leak, and other relevant threats.

Also, it allows the Admin to give specific user permissions to restrict the Salesforce objects into which a user can import data.

Straightforward User Interface
The user interface of the Data Upload app is such that a user with very little to no technical knowledge can easily import files into the Salesforce database. A few simple clicks will help you carry out almost every import process, which is not the case in most ETL tools for Salesforce.

Automated Field Mapping
Almost every ETL tool needs you to map the fields manually while getting your data uploaded. The Data Upload app frees you with this burden by automatically mapping all your fields and shows you the same as you upload your data files.

You can change specific fields to suit your needs before going ahead with the upload.

The Final Word
If you are looking for a native Salesforce application that allows you to import data files while ensuring the safety of your data in a simple and straightforward way, Data Upload is the best option you can consider for your organization.

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