Data Upload Vs Data Import Wizard

There are several tools and applications that help Salesforce users in importing data files from a variety of sources into their Salesforce database.

Here, we will compare two such data uploading tools – the Data Upload app and Salesforce Data Import Wizard.

What Is The Data Upload App?
As the name suggests, the Data Upload app is an application developed by OQCT for uploading data into your Salesforce database in the safest manner. The app comes with a highly simplified interface to help users having little to no programming knowledge in uploading data files onto Salesforce.

The Data Upload app makes sure that the import is carried out in a safe and restricted manner. It allows the Salesforce Admin to set specific permissions and give access to specific uses in uploading data files in particular Salesforce objects only.

Salesforce Data Upload

The aim of Data Upload is to provide users with a simplified application to upload CSV and Excel files to their Salesforce database without any hassle while ensuring utmost safety as the application is built natively on Salesforce.

What Is Data Import Wizard?
Data Import Wizard is an inbuilt Salesforce tool for importing data files from different sources to your Salesforce database. It is an alternative to Salesforce Data Loader if the users are willing to upload a relatively smaller number of records.

Data Import Wizard focuses on the import of data to all custom objects and most standard Salesforce objects, including accounts, contacts, leads, solutions, campaign members, and person accounts. It allows the users to import data without providing them with the insert or delete features.

Similarities Between Data Upload And Data Import Wizard
Here are some of the key similarities between the two Salesforce data uploading platforms:

  • They allow uploading 50,000 records at a time
  • They facilitate uploading data files to all custom objects
  • They are native Salesforce platforms
  • They allow users to schedule their data import

Differences Between Data Upload And Data Import Wizard
The key differences between Data Upload and Data Import Wizard can be understood by looking at specific parameters as mentioned in the table below:

ParametersData UploadData Import Wizard
Processes AllowedUpload, insert, update, delete, and rollbackOnly upload and update
Standard Salesforce Objects InvolvedAllows uploading data in all standard objectsAllows uploading data only to accounts, contacts, leads, solutions, campaign members, and person accounts
Field MappingAutomatedManual
User InterfaceSuited for non-technical usersSuited for users having technical knowledge
Audit ReportDetailed report on uploadNo such provision

Processes Allowed
The processes allowed by Salesforce Data Import Wizard are limited. It only allows the users to upload the data files and update them once they are added to the database.

On the other hand, the Data Upload app provides users with an array of processes like insert, upload, update, delete, and rollback. If you tend to make an error while importing your data, Data Upload allows you to undo your mistake by rolling back the files uploaded or deleting them.

Standard Salesforce Objects Involved
Data Import Wizard allows users to upload their data into all custom objects but not all standard objects. You cannot add your data files in objects like cases and opportunities using Data Import Wizard.

On the other hand, the Data Upload app allows you to import data files into all custom and standard Salesforce objects.

Field Mapping
During the process of uploading your data to the required Salesforce objects, Data Import Wizard would ask you to map all the fields manually. On the other hand, the Data Upload app will automatically map all the fields as you upload your data files.

User Interface
While the user interface of Data Import Wizard is suited for Salesforce professionals having the technical knowledge about the platform, Data Upload can be used by Salesforce users having little to no technical knowledge.

Audit Report
The Data Upload app provides you with a detailed audit report of every single file you uploaded with a success/error report of the same. This helps you in tracking your imports with the click of a button. No such provision comes with Data Import Wizard.

The Final Word
If you are willing to upload records to your Salesforce database within the range of 50,000, the Data Upload app is the best option for doing so. Not only does it allow uploading to all custom and standard objects but also facilitates rolling back and deleting of the data imported, making the process more user-friendly.

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