Discover the story behind OQCT

We started out in May, 2018, and in the short duration, we have delivered measurable returns for a number of clients from UK and abroad. We are a bunch of software professional passionate about coding, Salesforce and timely execution of flawless apps and projects. Dedicated hard work and keeping ourselves thorough with technological updates is the mantra behind our success.

Our solutions encompass all aspect of customer support and we also offer managed services for our clients. Use of cloud technologies hence transcends new horizons with our services.

OQCT Limited takes great pride in its expertise over the Salesforce platform, wherein we create Salesforce apps and consultation for small businesses in order to help them meet their business requirements. Our services come by as a time-saving feature for SMBs. We will have a consultation with the clients and try to find out the best solutions to resolve the business issues by developing suitable apps. This helps them fix problems and come up with more accurate solutions to the existing problems. They find access to expert guidance in decision making. Our expertise lies in developing apps which will make the business to resolve the complicated business process.

Our apps are created following detailed consultation with the clients to make sure that they are entirely in sync with their expectations. With our detailed technical knowledge in place, we are able to come up with recommendations about the trending features that our clients should make a part of the apps. The final outcomes invariably meet and supersede client expectations.

The demarking feature of our business is our commitment to quality. We make sure that our apps deliver flawless functionality while the time to market is minimal. We keep our solutions affordable,

While adhering to the best quality practices is a part of our working culture.

OQCT Limited is your one stop solution for Salesforce apps and Website Development. Contact us today for Salesforce consulting for small businesses located across UK.